Friday, May 21, 2010

Q&A with Robert Novogratz

A really great book has a good story and amazing photos. The dynamic duo of Cortney and Robert Novogratz have achieved just that with their book, Downtown Chic. Rarely do you actually read the copy in these design books, but with this one, you do. The couple has written themselves into a life we would all like to live. One full of art, passion and lots of family. This book is worth getting. I'm also really happy to say that Robert answered a few of my Q&A questions today as well. Thank you, Robert! And congratulations on all the deserved success.Name: Robert Novogratz
What's the item you've had the longest hanging on your wall? The Queen by Ann Carrington

Favorite place to buy art? Art galleries in Meat West Chelsea, New York City.
Do you collect anything?
Other than art and design....vintage jackets.
Any advice for those exhibiting art in their homes? Enjoy it!
Learn more about Cortney and Robert at Sixx Design

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