Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lamps as Art II

A second look at lamps as art.
Tide Chandelier by Stuart Haygrath crafted from debris Rock & Royal's crystal revolver chandelier
Neon Lamp by Roger Borg
Dollhouse Lamp by Peter Waltz
Mobile Mobile made of old phones and each were wired to play one note of a Christmas carol
LED Constellation chandelier
Cosmic Leaf lamps by Ross Lovegrove
Cassiopea Chandelier of optical fiber
Torch Chandelier made of flashlights

Deconet, a Marketplace for Modern Design

Deconet is an online store with multiple showrooms in Europe and one in the States in Oregon. They specialize in Mid-Century Modern design. Here are some of their vintage collection pieces.
1970's Travertine animal scupltures Nancy Wickham vintage ceramic platter

Jerome Mesnager vintage lantern

Vintage wooden staircase sculpture
K. Andersson condiment set, 1940s

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lamps as Art

Have you noticed how lighting fixtures are just getting cooler and cooler? Over the next few days I'm going to look at some chandeliers and pendants that really are hanging pieces of art and incredible craftsmanship.

Photos: Living Etc., Southern Accents, Purple Area and Coastal Living


I'm drawn to canopies over beds these days. Not the formal princess look, but rather just beautiful fabric hoisted up above to give a breezy and exciting statement in the bedroom. It's something unexpected and an easy change to mix up a room.
Photo: Simon Upton

Friday, January 29, 2010

Loving Love Your Home for Less

Have you heard of this store, Love Your Home for Less? They sell a little bit of everything for your home. Although it's in the UK, it's worth taking a look at their online store. I was impressed with their furniture collection because they have pieces that are truly unique and their kid items are fun! Here are some noteworthy HallReady selections.
Reclaimed wood and metal "Fred" dining set and mirror.
This is a hanging tent made of 100% cotton. It comes in several colors. What little girl wouldn't love having this!?

Giant metal letters
A lamp made of a Madeline mold and loaf pan - chic recycling at its best.
This mirror is made of concrete - very cool, but I'm sure very heavy. It could be gorgeous in garden.

Photographer, Simon Brown

Simon Brown's photography is both romantic and haunting to me. He's been shooting interiors for years for some top magazines and has done several books such as: Airstream Living, Country in the City, Simply Country, and my favorite, Thrifty Chic. Enjoy these HallReady shots of his today.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artist, Dustin Yellin

Dustin Yellin is most well known for his layered resin drawings. The artist who's based in Red Hook, Brooklyn describes his work as a marriage of drawing and sculpture. To see a collection of his work for sale go to Art Net.

Sculpture in Hardware

Hardware is to a home like jewelry is to an outfit. Today I want to share with you some pieces from Rocky Mountain Hardware that I consider beautiful sculpture. The metals and patinas they shape into home goods are rich and earthy. This family owned business based in Hailey, Idaho sells sinks, door hardware, tile, light fixtures and more. A bonus is that they are committed to green building practices and sustainable business practices. They are SCS Certified, members of the U.S. Green Building Council and also LEED Gold Certified.
These are some of their sinks and door knockers.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Agent Gallery Chicago

There's always something special going on in sweet home Chicago. The Agent Gallery is my latest discovery. Their new showroom just South of Damen and Division Streets sells furniture, unique vintage objects, offers design services and can assist in antique treasure hunting.
The Storefront
Marquee quotes and a plastic Indian mold
Star prints
Vintage planetarium
Wire frames

Pretty Portraits

Flea markets and second hand shops are dependable spots to find old portraits. Being hesitant of buying one of someone you don't know is normal, but it can be a fun investment. After all, a pretty picture is a pretty picture. Here are some examples of how grouping some rustic, framed and unframed pieces can look terrific.

Photo: Vincent van Duysen

What's Unique About this Painting?

This watercolor is so beautiful. Have you seen it before? Brace yourself, the artist that painted this is only 7 years old! British prodigy Kieron Williamson has a series of watercolors of the Norfolk countryside. They've sold at auction now for up to £17,000. Not bad, kid.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Living Large at Surface View

The website I can't seem to leave these days is Surface View. This UK based company sells giant imagery in the forms of stick-on murals, stretched canvas, prints, blinds and even tiles. Slim Aarons fans can buy his classic, Snowmass Picnic photo in a whopping 94in x 94in mural - perfect for an apres ski bar. Their imagery collections contain varied pieces from the likes of Getty photo catalogs, V&A Museum prints, nautical maps and plans from the National Maritime Museum, and Marvel Comics to name just a few. Comic buffs, gear-heads, kids, there is something for everyone here.