Friday, July 30, 2010

Going to the Lake

Headed to Lake Michigan with the family. Back soon!
Photos: Unknown, William Waldron, Paul Massey, William Waldron

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Acapulco

The Acapulco Chair Company rocks some hip and sculptural style with their classically designed chairs. They're available in multiple colors, three legged or rockers too.

Fun Finds from SCP

SCP sells homegoods from 2 locations in London and online. Their focus has been to create functional and beautiful products that are built to last. SCP was founded in 1985 by Sheridan Coakley as a manufacturer and retailer of modern furniture. He's gone on to collaborate with multiple designers with different aesthetics and talents while not deviating from his original focus. Below are just a few of the items you can find, blankets, phones, lamps, pillows and accessories. All of these fun finds can add to the art of display in your home.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surf Stories

Clic Bookstore and Gallery is having a Surf and Skate show now through September. They note on their site that "Tony Caramanico went surfing one day in the ‘60s and never came back. Fortunately, we have the journal he kept every day in every crazy place in the world where waves line up and break. It’s a personal history of who came for lunch, where the party is, the surf, the shopping list, the friends and girlfriends, and it’s also a history of the world as it filtered back to the beach; the hostages, the Challenger explosion, echoes of a fire 8,000 miles away. A few years ago, he began blowing up and digitally printing, framing, and selling pages from his journals, each a colorful, capsulated day. The Surf Journals are an exuberant trip to places where ecstasy is possible, if you’re patient and crazy enough, and where the terrors of the world are muted into the background, replaced by a more immediate and personal odyssey."

Cheers to Caren Hartley

Artist Caren Hartley creates crafts, installations and jewelry. She created the following pieces for the Crafts Council for their Collect Trail 2010 project. The black tumblers and bottle are made of iron and part of her Translations series. She writes, the "Translations Series follows the themes of rebirth, simulation and object translations, exploring how the physical marks of time and use can denote personal histories and object biographies – and how a parody of the original is created when material truths and untruths are interfered with."

Seat for Two

This loveseat by Jake Phipps is now in production with RIVA. It's simple, sculptural and beautiful.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Pad

Javier Mariscal designed a children's playhouse made of cardboard. This adorable little escape from reality comes complete with stickers for customization to suit your tot's personality. Available at Chambers.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Martin Lof and The Lakeside Getaway

When I think about a lakeside retreat I picture something small with loads of character and heaps of charm. Things should get hung on the walls patiently over time and never come down. Photographer Martin Lof delivers just that with this study in summer scenes.

Wall Tiles For Bird Lovers

Fired Earth has some beautiful tile. These avocets and crane are part of their nature collection and would enhance any wall.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mantel Dome

Designed by Cédric Ragot of “designed byitem” for Innermost, Mantel Dome is a modern rendition of the venerable carriage clock. The futuristic zinc die cast construction topped by a blown glass dome is the first product of a collaboration between Cédric Ragot, of creative trio “designedbyitem”, and Innermost. It is being launched in black or white powder coat and other finishes are planned in the near future.

Buddy Holly

I updated one of my suggested songs to Dearest by Buddy Holly. I couldn't resist adding this photo as well. Looks like good times for Buddy and his unknown friend.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Atlantis Prints

Atlantis Prints is in the business of hand carved stamps. All the designs are inspired by Ayn Rand's novels. The chosen medium is linoleum. The artist cuts out a design and hand inks and prints images of the created artwork. See their shop on Etsy.

The Index Ltd. Brooklyn, NY

What's cooler than cool? The Index Ltd. in Brooklyn. You can find them at #4 Porter Avenue, but should book an appointment before dropping by. They have the best mix of vintage and industrial collectibles for your home. Just some of the things you'll find there include: A rare American flag lightbulb, toy soldiers, Indian blankets, mounted masks, prints, books and furniture.