Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hanging Art with Hidden Rail Mounts

Today I'm excited to have a guest blogger, Steven Rosen of AS Hanging Systems. Steven is going to share with us an alternative way to hang art by using a hidden rail mount instead of nails or clips. Thank you Steven for your insight!
One fantastic method for displaying your artwork involves a click rail hanging system. As its name suggests, the system consists of wall rails, sturdy clips, and suspending cables to hang the art from. The rails can be installed in dry wall, plaster, brick and even stone walls. Various fastener sets are available, depending on the type of wall you wish to decorate. Be sure to choose the appropriate fastener before hanging any art.

The benefits from click rails are threefold at the very least: once the rails are installed, your walls will be safe from the many holes that come from screws and nails; you can easily rearrange the click rail setup to accommodate your ever-changing mind; and you can either incorporate the rails into your décor scheme, or you can match their color with your walls to camouflage them.

You can use transparent nylon cables for pictures weighing as much as 15lbs, or you can use stainless steel to securely hold up to 45lbs worth of art. Either way, you can have your walls looking like art galleries in minutes with this convenient hanging system.

You may be able to use a picture rail and special drywall hangers for small prints and family photos; but larger artwork will likely need drywall crews placed into a wall stud since the drywall sheets alone will not be able to handle the weight.

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