Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Michael Zelehoski is So Cool

Sculptor Michael Zelehoski originally from Concord, Mass. has mastered the technique of deconstruction while creating fine art. I'm in awe of his work. Check out the animation that chronicles his technique on his website. It's a must-see to understand how he works. Above is piano keys and below is a chair. He writes, "My recent work involves the collapse of three-dimensional objects and structures into two-dimensional, picture planes. I employ old wood, used furniture and salvaged structural elements. In the selection and composition of these materials, I seek to mark them in their singularity or potentiate them in their interaction in an effort to blur the distinction between art and the cotidian objects that surround us in our daily lives. In the collapse of the object I explore the duality between three-dimensional reality and two-dimensional pictorial space and try to push the continuum of representational art to a logical extreme. I employ various joining and woodworking techniques as well as fire, natural stains, paint and the forces of nature that have shaped these materials over time." Zelehoski's work will be seen in "Collection" a group show at Christina Ray Gallery from June 10-27.

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