Sunday, February 28, 2010

Q&A with Victoria Smith

There are a few design blogs that EVERYONE adores and sfgirlbybay is one of them. Victoria Smith really "adds to the party" with her originial content and insight from her impressive experience in decorating, producing and writing. I'm so thrilled to have her share her answers with us today. I've also included some photos from her Pacific Heights home that emphasize HallReady concepts.
Name: Victoria Smith
Occupation: Writer/editor/creative director of - a daily design blog featuring new product reviews, shopping tips, including art, photography and design resources, as well as home entertaining and lifestyle stories.
Last purchase you made that is hanging on your wall? I purchased a Leigh Beisch photograph for my birthday last year. It was my first piece of 'grown-up' collector's art.
What's the item you've had the longest hanging on your wall? I have a painting of a San Francisco cable car that my parents gave me when I moved up here from Los Angeles. It's by an artist named Flavia, and they purchased it really inexpensively in the 1960's, in one of those grocery store parking lot art fairs you see around the city sometimes. It is now somewhat valuable.
Favorite place to buy art? Flea markets, and vintage shops. I collect old portraits, the more kitschy the better, and usually find them at the flea market, or online at ebay.
Do you collect anything? Yes - too much. I collect portraits, as I mentioned, vintage aprons, as well as white and aqua-colored pottery, vintage cameras and books. My book shelf collapsed recently from the weight of all the books on it!
Any advice for those exhibiting art in their homes? I like to keep 'like-objects' together in groupings (i.e. all my portraits together on one wall). But I just start with one and work around it, hanging art as I go, based on what I like together. I don't plan it out. It's more about what is visually appealing to me. I would say hang art that means something personal to you, and you will love it that much more.
To learn more about Victoria check out her blog and etsy shop: &

Finds at Rockett St. George

Rockett St. George is a fun shop with a lot unique home goods. First is a collection of zinc wire storage pieces, next Oscar Wilde quote board carvings, some wall stickers, hand magnets, an antique foos player, storage jars with chalk panels, and large bug and butterfly prints available individually and in sets for hanging.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paper & Projects at Retrouvius

Retrouvius is a sensational architectural salvage and design business in London. You can find everything from reclaimed furniture and textiles to art and sculpture. Their motto is "bridging the gap between destruction and construction." Here they found several hundred of these test / misprint sheets on handmade paper from a printing press company. The sheets have been printed twice on each side so the text is barely legible but very beautiful. You could use it as wallpaper, drawer lining, wrapping paper, or paper chain making. I'm also including some shots from their design portfolio - fantastic.

Interior Designer, Christine Lane

I'm a big fan of Boston interior designer, Christine Lane. Her work is always, fresh and crisp and full of unique HallReady ideas.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wallpaper Profiles from Romp

Romp's online store for kids has some large wallpaper silhouettes of animals in fun patterns and bright colors. Create a wild wall with lions, crocs, ostriches and more.

Brian McCarthy is For the Birds

Dublin painter Brian McCarthy created a beautiful bird series of oil paintings.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stairways with Style

Doing something special with your stairs is a adding a fun detail that will set your home apart.

HallReady Concepts with Jac de Villiers

South African photographer, Jac de Villiers is best known for his portraits. Which led to him being commissioned by the Desmond Tutu Peace Trust to take portraits for The Hands That Shape Humanity project. Though that may be his most celebrated work, I find his interiors shots to be exceptional as well. All of these showcase the art of display in a fantastic fashion.