Friday, February 26, 2010

Wallpaper Profiles from Romp

Romp's online store for kids has some large wallpaper silhouettes of animals in fun patterns and bright colors. Create a wild wall with lions, crocs, ostriches and more.


  1. These are amazing! My love of silhouettes meets my love of wallpaper (so why didn't I think of that?) And, really loving those stairs, as I am personally collecting all types of images for my own back stairs which I absolutely plan to have painted.

  2. So fun, I can think of several spots these would work well in. I happenned upon your fab page while desperately searching for anything Domino tonight online. I'm always whining to my readers about the loss of Domino but it's nice Lonny has come along now. Love your style. Have you seen Speed Decorating? Check it out here...
    just hop up one post. Jill's designs are very domino-ish and fresh.

  3. Other cool wallpapers at