Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Great Craft Project for You and the Kiddos

Dos Family is a wonderful blog written by two women in Sweden, both are moms and both are very creative. I had to share with you one of their craft ideas. Make glitter globes! This time utilizing your own jars and random plastic objects - imagine a second use for Happy Meal toys!
Take a jar, an old pasta sauce jar is perfect, clean it out and glue toys to the lid.
Add, water, glitter, confetti, and even other tiny toys if you want. Add a little baby oil too, it will slow the floating of the objects as you tip it up and down.
Another good tip, add glue to the ring where the cap will screw on so you get a tight seal and no surprises later on.
What's up, monkey? I'd love to have this on my desk or see it as a pleasant surprise on my bookshelf. I think I have to try this with my niece and nephew, Maddie and Alex.

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