Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ravishing Beasts by Rachel Poliquin

I post a lot of pictures of antlers on this blog, in fact, my logo is a mounted buck, so I'm obviously a fan of taxidermy. More accurately, I should say, I'm a fan of majestic animals and seeing them up close is mesmerizing to me. I could never commission a piece because I love animals too much, but I will continue to appreciate the pieces that are already out there.
Rachel Poliquin is a fellow stuffed animal lover. She has curated an exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver called, Ravishing Beasts that showcases the museum's taxidermy collection ranging from pieces contributed by Vancouver residents from 1894 and 1950. If Vancouver is too far to go, you can buy the event catalog for its facts and beautiful photography for only $15. Ms. Poliquin has an impressive background with both an MFA and a PhD, so mixing science, history and art is something she's come to master. See more of her work on Ravishing Beasts.

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