Monday, April 19, 2010

Q&A with Gena Sigala

I've been a fan of Gena Sigala's work from the start. The Southern California based design enthusiast has a way of decorating a room with clean and simple style while still maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere. Best known for using a neutral palette and adding splashes of color to best represent the owner's personality, Sigala has progressed beyond design to pursue writing and styling for some top clients. Her latest work appears in this month's issue of Sunset Magazine. Thank you, Gena for sharing your HallReady ideas with us today!

  1. Name: Gena Sigala
  2. Occupation: Freelance editor, interior stylist, and writer for shelter magazines.
  3. Last purchase you made that is hanging on your wall? A fantastic vintage calendar that I found at a favorite antique mall! It's made of white canvas and all of the numbers and words are in black. The month, day and date all have separate compartments and each are changed by turning a spool. It's graphic, has such a modern feel, and is very cool!
  4. What's the item you've had the longest hanging on your wall? A series of framed photos of my beloved grandmother. Among them is a one of her and pals at the beach in Galveston, TX. Bathing beauties in the 1920's!
  5. Favorite place to buy art? I'm a big fan of auction houses (large and small), flea markets and garage sales for hunting artwork. Art is art, no matter where it's found.
  6. Do you collect anything? Right now I have my eyes on anything old and rusted with a Japanese or military provenance.
  7. Any advice for those exhibiting art in their homes? It all doesn't have to hang on the walls -stack and lean framed pieces on shelves, floors, mantles.

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