Monday, April 26, 2010

Coup d'Etat Antiques and Design

Arguably one of the best showrooms and sources for one of-a-kind pieces in San Francisco is Coup d'Etat. Darin Geise, the Owner, and Bob Wilms, Sales Director, will be contributing to this year's much anticipated Decorator's Showcase. They've been tasked with outfitting the library of a San Francisco mansion as other top firms are designated to the other areas. I'm sure Coup d'Etat's display will blow us away. The event is from May 1 through May 31, 2010 and proceeds benefit University High scholarship programs. If you can't make that, check out their showroom. It will leave you drooling. Here are just a few of their pieces that fit the HallReady concept of artful display.
Photographic study on birds nests.
Natural History Sea Creature Skeleton
Coral Branch Chandeliers
British Victorian 17th Regiment Uniform Jacket
Taiho Rock painting, wall size, by Topher Delaney
Light sculpture by artist Nathan Cabreana

Collection of Sphere Chandeliers

Coup d'Etat - 111 Rhode Island Street, Suite 1, San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone: 415-241-9300

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