Monday, April 5, 2010

Dogs on Display

I'm a full blown dog lover and knowing I'm the not the only one out there, I've compiled some great shots that celebrate them.

Photos: Portland Mitchell, My Scandanavian Retreat, Purple Area, Domino (2), Purple Area (2), Becke-i-Nalden, Tria Giovan, Pieter Estersohn, Unknown, Peter Murdock, Mecox Gardens, James Merrell (2), House Beautiful, Brian McSweeney


  1. Love seeing these little beasts just as much as the exquisite homes they share with their owners. Loving your blog! xo Erica

  2. I am thrilled to have discovered your blog through Cote de Texas. I LOVE your concept. I have been thinking for awhile now about desigers' relationship to fine art, and contemporary art in particular. So many (certainly not all) are not completely comfortable with looking at and selecting contemporary art. I think its a matter or seeing contemporary work in a room/residential settin, not an austere gallery settin.

    I have you on my blog list on my blog:

    Thanks again for a great blog. There are so many design blogs out there, and yours stands apart