Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gaga for Gaya Games

Who doesn't love a good puzzle? These hand-made beauties come from Gaya-Games in Israel. They would make for fun and handsome display pieces.
The Snake Cube is comprised of a single length of cord that runs through several smaller cubes. Once unraveled, it is extremely difficult to twist the cord and pieces back into one large cube.
This advanced packing problem contains the numerals 0 through 9. Take them out, then try to arrange all of them to fit back inside the frame.

Both parts of this elegant puzzle come easely apart. Assembling them again, however, is kind of tricky!
Separate the pieces and put them back together.

Can you take it apart... and assemble it again?
This delightful, beautifully constructed puzzle has 8 different pieces. Try building a step pyramid out of all of the pieces, that has a 16 cube base, a 9 cube second storey, a 4 cube third storey and a single cube at the top.
This challenging puzzle is comprised of 36 balls joined together to form 8 different shapes+ one single ball. Try to fit all of the shapes into the triangular frame. We've found 8 different ways of doing this-how many will you find?

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