Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trend Forecast: Put a Feather in Your Cap

I don't usually blog about fashion, but I couldn't help but share these terrific hat feathers. The traditional gamsbart, which is what this pin is based on, is typically worn on the hat of hunters in the Alpine region of Europe. In theory, the size of the gamsbart reflects one's manliness. Franz Blumtritt and Sons was established in 1923 and the founder's granddaughter Regina Erb now runs the company. Grandfather Blumtritt started by following traditional patterns from the Alps; time passed, and in the '50s one of his sons took some creative license and developed the collection they have today. The pieces are made in the workshop building adjacent to their home in the Black Forest. Ms. Erb works with a team of women, as she says women have the natural touch for the delicate work... Sadly, it appears the company will fold once she retires, as her daughters do not have an interest in continuing the work. 98% of the feathers and all of the fur they use come from hunters in the area." -Alisa Grifo, founder Kiosk

Kiosk is a store in SoHo opened by Alisa Grifo in November, 2005. The shop stocks products from all over the world, one country at a time. The featured country changes approximately every four to five months. Everything in the store is sourced during her travels.

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