Friday, November 19, 2010

Charlie's Angels Successful Again

I couldn't resist sharing this lunchbox remake of Charlie's Angels taking down Bin Laden. Walter Robinson is a San Francisco sculptor whose funny, unsettling conceptual objects and installations focus on language and culture. Working in a range of materials— wood, epoxy, metal, and found objects— he hand-fabricates and assembles commentaries about politics, advertising, identity and desire. Using text and the strategies of appropriation, conflation, and dislocation, he reveals the subconscious human imperatives hidden beneath political, religious, and capitalist packaging. Robinson is a graduate of Lone Mountain College in San Francisco; his work is represented by Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco and Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles.

Lunchbox Digital prints on archival paper of photoshopped vintage lunchbox interventions, six different images 14″w x 11″h $150 each available at Shadowshopper.

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