Monday, January 25, 2010

Q&A with Sibella Court

I've posted some of Sibella Court's work in the past. Her creativity inspires many and now we can have our own piece of her style in our homes with her new book, ETC. In it she shares her tips for transforming your living spaces without undertaking extensive and expensive renovations. With thrift and imagination, she shows how to create an individual style without adopting a "look," and encourages recycling, reusing, and mixing antique and junk-shop finds with your already-owned collectibles and ephemera. Today, she's agreed to answer some HallReady questions for us.
  1. Name: Sibella Court

  2. Occupation: Interior stylist/author/shop owner/paint designer/interiors editor at Grazia & Harpers Bazaar, Australia.

  3. Last purchase you made that is hanging on your wall? Not a purchase but a gift from my assistant, Bianca. A diorama of a fine tree (twig) in blossom with flying birds all made out of the text pages of vintage National Geographics.

  4. What's the item you've had the longest hanging on your wall? A hemp Japanese pilgrim’s jacket covered in temple stamps & Sanskrit.

  5. Favorite place to buy art? Flea markets, auctions, beach combing, local artists studios etc. my definition of 'art' is very loose.

  6. Do you collect anything? Everything!!! Please refer to my book ETC., but lots of found objects: bones, feathers, quills, shells, tendrils etc, etc. & then utilitarian objects: pencils, paperclips, pushpins, rubber bands, brown envelopes that tie up with string, old hardware, rope etc.

  7. Any advice for those exhibiting art in their homes? There are no rules: hang it with string or rope from picture rails, hang it wonky, hang it around corners, floor to ceiling, in groups, above the kitchen sink.

Learn more about Sibella Court at The Society.

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