Monday, January 18, 2010

Collecting Globes

Globes and maps are appealing to many. Pedlars in the UK is selling some beautifully refurbished vintage globes, some dating back to the 30's.
Silver Crams 10.5" Globe
ca. 1937

A rare terrestrial globe with silver oceans and simplified deco mounting. Globe is made with fiber board with a hollow orb. The simplified mounting is made of metal, finished in a dark bronze with silver deco detail. Good condition with some minor rubbing and scuffing.Raeths Black Slated 12" Globe, 1940s

A rare Slate Training Globe obtained from a closed Military Academy in former East Germany. Slate globes such as this used to be a popular military-related and geographical schools from the mid 1800s to the 1950s.The slate-like material allows drawing onto the globe surface with chalk. The white lines represent longitude and latitude.

1935 Replogle World
Clock Globe

A good example of Art Deco/ Machine Age design. Mounting of the base consists of a bandstyle clock, which rotates horizontally and identifies time world wide.
12" Raeths Relief Globe, 1950s
A rare find, this globe exemplifies the skill of globe making. A relief globe is a model with raised mountains to demonstrate the depth and height of the earth’s surface in a three dimensional manner. Originally created in the early 1800’s for the blind, their popularity grew quickly within the geography educational market. This physical globe is simply stunning, offering warm patina with raised mountains and also identifies depths of valleys and oceans.

1956 16” DG Celestial Globe

This 16 inch Denoyer-Geppert Celestial Globe is a superb example of the mid-century modern design style, combined with outstanding craftsmanship. Majestic in size, bold in design and highlighting the Space Age Era, this magnificent piece is a rarely obtainable object.

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