Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surf Stories

Clic Bookstore and Gallery is having a Surf and Skate show now through September. They note on their site that "Tony Caramanico went surfing one day in the ‘60s and never came back. Fortunately, we have the journal he kept every day in every crazy place in the world where waves line up and break. It’s a personal history of who came for lunch, where the party is, the surf, the shopping list, the friends and girlfriends, and it’s also a history of the world as it filtered back to the beach; the hostages, the Challenger explosion, echoes of a fire 8,000 miles away. A few years ago, he began blowing up and digitally printing, framing, and selling pages from his journals, each a colorful, capsulated day. The Surf Journals are an exuberant trip to places where ecstasy is possible, if you’re patient and crazy enough, and where the terrors of the world are muted into the background, replaced by a more immediate and personal odyssey."

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