Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Show at Eastside Projects

Currently showing at Birmingham England's Eastside Projects is: ‘Book Show’ is an exhibition of artworks, objects and structures that address the physical form of the book. The starting point for the exhibition is Ulises Carrión’s provocative series of aphorisms ‘The New Art of Making Books’ (1975). Carrión was the founder of Other Books and So in Amsterdam, a gallery and bookstore that during its short life (1975 to 1979) became the first major centre for the flourishing international artist-led publishing scene. Above: Ulises Carrión, 'Self-portrait' 1979Nina Beier and Marie Lund, The House and the Backdoor 2007
John Latham, Distress of a Dictionary 1988Martino Gamper, Untitled 2010, Katerina Šedá and Radim Peško, Der Geist von Uhyst 2010

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