Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Food Photography to Frame

I enjoy looking at food photography because it's beautiful and I like food. What's more fun however, is looking at its trends. I find trends exist in food photography more than any other niche. The shallow depth of field that blurs the background, the overhead shots of sloppy stylings attempting to make rustic even more rustic, the food styling in general, is all a bit too predictable. Which is why it's exciting to guess what the next trend will be. Considering that food is only getting more respect and those who make it are becoming celebrities, I can only guess the shots will become more artistically demanding or at the very least, these efforts may just be more appreciated. Take the photos from guerrilla restaurateur, Arno Rupert Maasdorp. The shots on his site, eat with your eyes, are pretty enough to frame as art because they don't just show food. They show food at play with objects around it. There's a sense of humor here. Maybe this won't be the next trend, but I would enjoy seeing these framed on a wall.

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