Sunday, November 22, 2009

Q&A with Monument

If you are decorating your home and you want something really special, you go to Monument. When you do, I guarentee when you throw your first cocktail party, everyone will ask where you got that piece. Monument is an inspiring and beautiful store in San Francisco's Mission district.
  1. Name: Samuel Genthner & Michael De Angelis
  2. Occupation: Pickers & proprietors of Monument
  3. Last purchase you made that is hanging on your wall: Pencil drawing of a German Shepard from the 1940's.
  4. What's the item you've had the longest hanging on your wall? Paint-by-numbers portrait of Phyllis Diller
  5. Favorite place to buy art: Flea markets
  6. Do you collect anything? Italian 1960's ceramic wig stands!
  7. Any advice for those exhibiting art in their homes? Pick items that call to you -- things you love, and think about grouping opposing items: e.g. sleek & modern pieces with 19th Century antiques.
573 Valencia Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94110

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