Friday, April 15, 2011

The Best Photo and Video Apps for Your iPhone

There are so many apps out there to contribute to the joy and creativity that you have with both the photos and the videos you snap with your iPhone. Steve Casamiro has a helpful summary of them all. Here is just one called the 8mm Vintage Camera for $1.99
The retro effects popularized by Hipstamatic are beginning to come into videos, too, and 8mm Vintage Camera is the best of the early bunch. It’s the most stable and offers the most control, whether you’re applying 1970s warmth or 1920s black and white, providing four film types and five lenses. There’s no limit on how long your clips are — but there is on resolution. Processing demands have restricted your output video to 480×260 pixels. And you can’t apply the retro effects to videos you’ve already shot.

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