Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reed Danziger @ Hosfelt Gallery 4/2-5/14

Congratulations to my neighbor, Reed Danziger. In her seventh solo exhibition at Hosfelt Gallery, Reed Danziger presents new paintings on panel, a transition from her last show of large-scale works on paper. Danziger began to develop the color palette for this most recent work while at the Ucross artist residency program in Wyoming. The forms reflect not only the light and colors of that environment, but also the vast, undulating geography of the northern High Plains.In this body of work, Danziger's dense visual vocabulary takes shape in angular ribbons of colorful stripes colliding with one another, counter-balanced by more delicate, ethereal circles and matrices. Unfurling across the surface, these elements rise, bend, burst and twist. Danziger's interest lies in the examination of the evolution of these uninhibited natural patterns. "Everything is connected and yet undefined. It is hard to see what is influencing what and at what times," says Danziger. "And yet there is an intrinsic need for the elements to coalesce."

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