Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ray Morales Pottery

I'm a fan of the pottery made by Miami's Ray Morales. He writes of his work, "I make pots for the purpose of celebrating food and home. My pieces are a combination of my casual spirit and my conscious effort for good craftsmanship and design. I want my pots to be visually inviting and comfortable to the touch. The glazes I use can have subtle and dramatic variations depending on application and firing methods. I enjoy these variances and constantly work to make adjustments and to create new and interesting results. My goal is to create an aesthetic harmony between form, glaze and function."


  1. I'm both a potter and a small-time collector.
    I recently added one of Ray's cups to my collection. More than any other (including my own work), I love holding and using his little piece.

    And as a potter, I look to his pots as something to aspire to.

  2. Thank you very much the great complement the Square Peg. I'm very glad to know you're enjoying the cup.

  3. Thank you to Hall Ready for the great exposure and beautiful post.