Thursday, December 30, 2010

Now That's a Bottle of Champagne!

Need something a little "over the top" for your New Year's Eve Party? Dutch brand agency THEY have commissioned designers including Eindhoven collective La Bolleur and Amsterdam designers Tjep to design bottles for their own brand of champagne.
THEY, the Amsterdam-based communications agency, introduced the latest collection of designer bottles for Zarb, their own-brand champagne. Following the successful launch of the champagne in the Netherlands in 2009, Zarb has also been introduced in Belgium, France, Asia, the United States and beyond. The new collection was officially launched at the opening of a pop-up store in Amsterdam’s trendy ‘Nine-Streets’ district. Divers surfaced from the canal and delivered the collection to the store, which will be open from 15 December until the beginning of January.
Via: DeZeen

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